CNC Machining


Precision Machining ‘’CNC Milling & Turning’’

We combine the our CNC machining processes with our professional team to deliver high quality, on-demand parts. Our typical tolerance accuracy ranges +/-0.010mm , and depending on customer specs and expectation. We have mastered the art of machining the multiple type of materials on the planet such as  Aluminum, Stainless Steel, CRS, Nitronic 60, Mild Steel, Brass , Copper , Titanium , Fiberglass and Engineering Plastic. We believe that every ”challenges” has a ”solution” and every ”material” has  a right ”tool”. We are committed delivering on our promise of quality and on-time delivery each and every time.

Massive Production Machining

To compete in a market, we must ensure stay on the competitive pricing. Prodige Precision Machining apply the ”Lean” philosophy to driven our low cost manufacturing process whereby to create a value added services and cost saving opportunity to our customers in order to achieve this goal. We design fixtures and processes that could maximize to our OEE’s ratio (Availbility,Quality,Performance) in order to achieve the productivity for long periods of a time without compromise the quality of the machined part. This allows us to produce large quantities of parts which increases our productivity and keeps the manufacturing costs low.

High Speed  Machining

Every day, we push the boundaries of what is possible in CNC machining. We constantly maximize tool speeds, take pressure out of each cut and invest in the right tools for the right applications. With the correct approach, we are able to maintain precision tolerances, as low as +/- 0.010mm, while maintaining a consistently high feed rate. By applying the right techniques with the right fixtures, we have found the recipe for a successful machining approach. We pass the savings on to you.

We deliver Quality, On-time, and stay at the Competitive Price. “WE PRIORITIZE YOUR BUSINESS”